Does this front cover grab your attention?

Does this work as a front cover or does it need more work doing to it?

opinions and suggestions please


This is a good front cover, i would however make the writing a bit bigger or make it stand out a bit more - this is only to really grasp attention a bit more. Apart from that, this is really good! X


Maybe it would if the black shadows had actual people.


It looks a little generic?

What if you had the person with the scar on the front cover?

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I think it’s a really nice concept. However, it looks, like @southampton23 said, a bit generic, like not quite linked to your story. What’s the basic plot, or description of your story? Perhaps it seems generic simply because I don’t know what the story is about.


Not really. I don’t say it’s a bad work, I’m just a sucker for drawn prof covers :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks guys :slight_smile: I like honest feedback
@Leanne4590 is going to give me a hand which I’m really greatful for.

My basic story line (haven’t quite got a good discription yet.)

You’re a police detective and your first case is about a famous fashion designer who is murdered before appearing on a talk show.
But a scar on her body reveals that she is actually her twin sister who was killed in a car accident a year ago.


Ooh, okay. Have you thought about making your cover say a little bit about your story? For example, the story ‘One of the girls’, which I totally love, has, as one of its covers, one male symbol amongst lots of female symbols (y’know, the type you find on toilets), which tells you a little about the story. Often, people will see the cover before the title, or at least at the same time generally, so it’s important that the cover kind of acts like a visual title (BUT NOT COMPLETELY, SUBTLY).

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I had to take a look at the stoy you were on about and now I really want to read it :laughing:

I think I see what you mean as it doesn’t really fit my story.”

I’m relieved you get the gist, I can be pretty awkward with explaining things at times! ‘One of the girls’ is hilarious and light-hearted, and it’s very different from the sterotype Episode stories like:

Pregnant by a [insert ridiculous, ludicrous, unbelieveable male here].

Anyways, I like the sound of your plot, and would love to read if/when it gets published!

It might catch my attention for a second but I would still skip it without reading giving the story a try maybe add some filters to make it look maar scary or something ? But this is just my opinion

It’s fine I’m awful at explaining :joy::joy:
I’m definitely going give it a read.
I’m fed up with all the cliches stories about so it’s nice to read something unique.

I definitely need to get started on this story at some point I’ve been driving my cousins mad ha ha ha. I’ve had it in my head for a while it’s just trying to fill out the plot so that it doesn’t mive too quickly.

Do you plan to uh, plan the story out properly or get the basic idea and then just go for it? I’ve found that stories I’ve planned out properly always go better. For example, in a story I didn’t plan fully, the other characters didn’t have distinct personalities, and the MC was going places and doing things that didn’t need to be done for life to go on. In a story I did plan properly, most things the MC did made sense and were practical, and it didn’t get too confusing as you could easily go, ‘Who’s [NAME]? Oh yeah, the [personality] one.’

Yeah I’m going to plan it out first :wink:

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