Does this happen to you all?

Sometimes my mind is overflowing with story ideas and sometimes it is like an empty desert


yepp fs

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Yes, especially at night before I sleep, It’s a struggle.
And currently writing the story with no any sort of idea.
the irony.

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Yes, and the worst thing is my ideas are usually flowing in when I’m at the wrong place, like I’m talking to a friend or I’m on a meeting at work. Sometimes I just sit there desperately because I so want to say: “Excuse me, I have to write down a scene for my Episode story but don’t mind me, it will take only a few minutes :smiley:


Same as me
My ideas flow out in my sports class, and i have to stop playing and remember the idea until the end of the class, so that i can write them down.

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I develop an entire plot when I’m doing something so then I make a note in my phone and start it at home. I have four stories going now. But then once I write I go blank.


Yes :rofl:

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Yes. I could be writing about world issues and somehow trauma gets in there :joy:

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You’re working on 4 stories rn?

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