Does this happen to you too? :/

I was always a fast reader if I found a story that I liked and I enjoyed almost every story. I’ve read more than two stories a week sometimes.
Some weeks ago I started writing my own story. Since then, it seems like I can’t enjoy the stories as I did before. I can say if a story is good or not, but I just can’t get into a story like I always did… Now I hardly ever read stories, mostly ones of friends.
Did this happen to anyone of you as well or am I just totally weird?


It happened to me :neutral_face::confused:


I hate this so much because I loved reading episode stories :frowning:


Same :frowning:


Exact same thing happened to me and so many other people I’ve spoken to. Someone suggested that it’s because while you’re reading a story on episode, you feel guilty, like you should be working on your own.

I also think writing takes the magic out of it. It might be subconsciously but once you start writing, you know what’s in the coding and directing of Episode stories and you find yourself focusing on that and picking it apart when you’re reading which really takes away from the story. That bit might just be me :joy::woman_shrugging:


Initially, this took a form of jealousy in me. Like, why should I bother to give others more reads? (No offense) It took a competitive approach in me…

But later and later, I just started to care lesser and lesser. I still don’t read as much stories as I should (it took me nearly one month to finish Rivals :sweat_smile:) but, that envy and competition to stay first just doesn’t bother me anymore.


It does happen to me.

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It’s happening to me. I didn’t enjoy reading stories anymore so I deleted the app but for some reason, I just started to want to read them to the point I installed it again but I still haven’t read any stories.

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Hmm… Maybe that’s just what comes with being a creative person? Once you create and gradually figure out what goes into the “magic” behind somebody’s work, you can’t help but be more critical of it and analyze it more than ever. It’s harder to be completely passive when consuming the kind of media/art that you like to create. Then it’s up to you to create your own “magic” :blush:

EDIT: It might seem sad, but it’s a good thing. I think it just means that you’re growing, learning, and improving.


This just happened to me and I thought, that I was the only one. I loved reading stories and now I just don’t get the motivation to read one or they don’t thrill me at all.