Does this happen to you?

Okay. So I agreed to do a r4r with this person and I have sent a screenshot to her as proof that I have read her story. Then she doesn’t do the same and acts like we never met. Then she just disappears.
Then next i create this topic about r4r and then she appears again sending her story to my topic. Then I told her to send me screenshots of my story then she doesn’t reply.
Then i decided to do free reviews then she shows up again.
Makes me think she actually doesnt read stories and just wants reads. When i talk to her she acts like a nice person but she is not even fair when it comes to r4r. I have a feeling she is just advertising.
I have seen her reply to other topics of r4r and the one who made the thread said knew who she was and said something like “i already did an r4r with you. You didn’t send me screenshots of my story of proof that you read it” and i feel exactly the same.
Have you ever experienced this? Am i alone?


I’ve experienced the same situation several times. That’s why I’m now careful with r4r (and because you mostly don’t gain any real readers, just someone who reads some episodes because he has to)


Yeah i know but the real issue is that this person didn’t even read my story and keeps replying to my topics of r4r and completely ignores the deal we made.

More than once.


They just want to improve their rank without reading anything. Some also just copy&paste their story details without reading your post.
To prevent something like that, just put a password in your post and ignore people who don’t have it in their reply.


It’s not fair.

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Wow. I should really try that. How do you put the password.?

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Yeah its not fair. To make it fair, i take note of their names and ignore them

I have read for read topics where I don’t post my stories and I say it’s optional to read each other’s stories, so that they can ask each other and talk to each other about doing it.

In youder post just that they have to include your password in their reply and at the end of your post write
Password: whatever
and maybe blur it:

Password: …

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Thanks for the tip :smile:

Usually on topics I just read stories for fun, I don’t currently have a story so…

Well when you do have one you will realize these kinds struggle and these kinds of people and how annoying and unfair they are.

Yeah… I mean, why can’t they just read another person’s story? It can literally be just one episode, and that’s it. It’s literally just reading and providing proof that you read!

Well reading just the first episode doesn’t count as a read which is why usually when doing r4r its usually 3 episodes.

Oh… :sweat_smile: My views on not reading something for a while: Sometimes I say I’m going to read something but don’t end up doing so because 1. I forgot (I’m sorry lol) 2. Sometimes I’m just busy or want to go through the forums first before reading a story and then forget about the story. But I usually try to read it right when I say I read it. It’s also no excuse to tell someone you’re going to read their story and never reply back. If someone told me I didn’t read their story back, then I’d say “OMG, sorry I completely forgot- I’ll try to find a time to read it.” I never want to leave a bad impression on people.

That is funny you made this topic because I saw someone doing that posting there story and. I never seen then actually do the R4R. I feel it is unfair and they are just doing it to get more reads. It is not right. I felt like calling them out but not trying to have drama

Clicked on the wrong button was not saying it towards you to the one who made the thread

I don’t do read for reads, but I often check the promotion threads when I’m looking for new stories. Some people just copy-paste their story in every single R4R thread without reading the special instructions or rules. I’ve also seen many times people copy-pasting only their story title and a link in a review thread. Would it hurt to put “Can you please review my story?” and “thanks” in the post?
I’m not even afraid of offending someone with this because:

  1. It would be great if they became aware of this
  2. I’m pretty sure they won’t read this either.

Moved to Episode Fan Community since this about read4reads. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

I did that. But now I know people would like for it. To say that at the bottom. Something good to know. And it is not offensive it is Good to know especially for people like me who are actually new at this.

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