Does this literally sound similar to you?

I’ve noticed this for a while since I knew the other song very well, but just recently I tried to compare them and it sounded pretty much “inspired” to me.

I’m talking about one of Episode’s latest music update titled music_introspectiveguitars and its striking similarity to parts of a song by K-pop group WINNER - But (사랑하지마). Since I don’t know how to listen to Episode original sounds except directly from the writing page, you can open one of your current stories’ chapters and listen to the music from there.

What do you think about this? Have you ever encountered something like it?


as a korean, when i first listened to this it sounded SO SIMILAR and then i realized it was the episode music smh

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plot twist kpop writers made the music

What i want to know is, could this possibly count as plagiarism? :eyes: The song by WINNER was released way back in their 2014 debut.

Especially when you (Episode) were busy updating guidelines and rejecting backgrounds and overlays that might contain copyright. Great job, guys! Nobody could possibly notice!

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it does count as plagiarism cause your literally coping the same music just changing it up a little

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It is pretty similar. I listened to them a few times back and forth and they are definitely alike. They’re probably different enough to not be considered plagiarism, though. Only the first few seconds of the Episode one are the same then it kind of veers away a little, and the Episode song is faster.

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Length doesn’t determine whether or not it’s copyright infringement. Same as quoting even a single line from a book or journal in your essay without adding reference.

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