Does this look familiar?

Would anyone happen to know who’s background this is? I really want to give credit, but I can’t seem to find out who created it

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that doesn’t look like a background that was made or edited by someone. honestly it looks more like a background off of Google or a royalty free site? i’d say just go ahead and use it tbh :’)

Did you reverse image search it?
I’d stray from using it if you don’t know if it’s been copyrighted or not. :thinking:

I actually saw this in a drive… but it was soooo long ago

Believe it or not- This was actually in someone’s drive. I just have 0 idea of who. I’ve had it forever

I just thought the person who owned the drive might’ve pulled images from the net and put them into their drive. :man_shrugging:

If they did, you’d probably find out where from using the image search.

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Update- I JUST found it, lol.
posted it!

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I found it!!!