Does this look good cuz I don't know

I really don’t know if this is a good look what do you guys think? the character likes the colors pink and blue a lot and wears it a lot so that’s why it is so blue/pink

  • looks too good!
  • doesn’t look so good

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if you don’t like it please leave any suggestions on how to make it better xx

Her hair shouldn’t be pink.

What color would you suggest?

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Brown or Red-orange dyed color will be perfect in my opinion… :blush::blush:

I don’t like the outfit

Like color? If you have an outfit idea please suggest I’m open for opinions. But keep in mine that this character love those in you face kinda of color ( if you get What I mean she doesn’t really like black and white) :heart: and please no cleavage showing :smile:

Try this hair color and outfit

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I mean it looks godd but you can see the drss underneath :slight_smile:

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