Does This Look Good For A Cover?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to get some opinions on this art piece. It is supposed to be my cover for my upcoming story. If you have any ideas for small changes are anything I’d love to hear it. Much love. :two_hearts:


There are also these splashes I made for my story if you guys think I should change something at all, let me know. ( :





There is also this piece I’m not sure what to use it for yet so if you have any thoughts let me know!

Random art piece


Maybe add a shadow behind the text to make it pop a little? The art looks fantastic though!


Thank you! :white_heart:

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I love your story cover, the drawing is beautiful! :heart: you can maybe use the other art for your story outro :blush:

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Thank you! And thats a really good idea!:white_heart:

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It’s amazing, hun!! Maybe add a watermark in the corner, for safety (so, that art-thieves can’t claim your art as theirs.) For the rest: keep up with this amazing art.

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I think it is stunning :heart_eyes:

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Good idea! :sweat_smile:

Oddly enough I forget people are that mean and steal your art

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Thank you!!

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I am not an artist, but I totally get you. :sweat_smile: It’s like someone saying he/she wrote a story as similar as yours. :pensive: Same cover, same title, same storyline and plot, only with his/her name on it. That would hurt. (None happened to me, but I just like to give the advice. :wink: )

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Yea, touché. And thank you very much! I totally forgot about it.

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