Does this look good or need more improvement


Wow yeah better than me


How did you do that


I used the freehand selection tool in procreate then clicked on the transform tool so i could only move the eye around instead of everything on the canvas.


Heres skmething i made yesthday any feed backs

@julie726 @jenna1012 @ChayChay @ShanniiWrites

Also this but made it today


For the colored one the hand and should be the color of he skin…


Veryy niceee! :grinning: Tho what happened to the girl’s hands on the first pic lol?


I dont know felt too lazy to color it lol
@julie726 @ChayChay


I think the first one is really good, but the hands could use some work. And for the second one, I like it overall. But the hair could use a little work as well as the hands. And this is just me, but I prefer eyebrows to be a bit shorter length wise. But overall there both amazing.




Personally, I’d say don’t bother copying Episode’s hands when characters are reading books. The hands look SO WEIRD


This is off topic but if anyone needs art or want to make friends go here


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Thank you Syd