Does this look good?


This took me a week but I want honest feedback! And doesn’t anyone know how to make like those poll things


I think it looks great!!!
My only criticism…the lines are a little too thick. You might want to consider changing the brush size on different parts of the body. :blush::black_heart:


Thank you I will try gain later!


very cool, and amazing.


Thank you


It’s great!!! :sweat_smile:


Is say the lines are a bit thick, what did you use to draw?




Okay. I don’t use it so I can’t give you any tips on how to use the app.


Ok thank you anyways! A nice lady just pmed me saying she would help me!


I agree with @LaurieKrisette, the lines are a little thick, but looks great! Keep up that perseverance!


How does this one look?