Does this look good? 😬


There’s an improved version of this down below if you want to go check it out!

Self explanatory title lol. Does her makeup look gross? Do her teeth look weird?? Is it acceptable enough to use in my splash???
(Also, before I get asked: NO, I don’t want to join a group! :two_hearts:)


  • Yeah, it’s good enough. Use it.
  • lmao what the hell is this, don’t use it.

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(ur answers will be anonymous, dw)


I like everything except what is that background?


you mean the pink? i only did that to cover up the rest of the splash so that she was the focal point, since i wanted to know if her make up was okay lol :grimacing: behind it is a regular bg


You can just cut it out.


The make-up looks really good! Nice job.

I have some constructive criticism, if you’re interested.
  • The face contour looks great but it looks like you neglected the rest of the body. This is a mistake I see a lot of editors make, try blending the shadows on the arms, chest, etc. and adding highlights there too. And do the same for the clothing!
  • While you’re highlighting, make sure to take note of the light source. It could be helpful (if you’re doing it on separate layers) to draw a light source, like just a white dot in the corner so you can judge where the light is coming from and then gauge where the shadows/highlights would be.
  • It looks like the image got stretched out a little when you resized it? Cropping the image is always better than resizing and stretching out the image. Even if you don’t know the exact size to crop the image to, when uploading the image to Episode, it allows you to crop the image so you don’t have to ruin the quality of it.
    This wasn’t meant in any way to insult you, I just want to help you improve! I hope this was helpful.


This is actually super helpful! I’m a newbie at this (if you couldn’t already tell lmao), so I’ll take any feedback/criticism I can get. Thanks so much! :two_hearts:


You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped!


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This post was looking for advice/feedback, so please don’t reply with an advertisement. You don’t need to reply to this, (and I don’t mean to come off as rude) I’m just letting you know it was pretty inappropriate.


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I am not sure what your problem is but @NattyGomez was just trying to give you a link to a thread that could give you advice…just sayin


My problem was that it seemed like they were advertising without any connection to the original post. I didn’t know it was a group that helped with this kind of stuff, and that’s my bad, their post didn’t really discuss that either though. I’ve gotten used to seeing art/coding/whatever groups constantly advertising everywhere, so I just assumed it was another desperate advertisement.


I completely understand what you mean I think all @NattyGomez was trying to do was suggest a place where the creater of this thread could get feedback on their art


I see now, thanks for correcting me!


And thank you for understanding:)


Made a few adjustments. I honestly think it looks way better?

The highlighting and shadowing is a little off in some places, but oh well.


  • Yup, waaaay better. You should use this instead of the other one!
  • Hmm… no. Try again!

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Looks way better, Gaia, I think you should blend that arm contour some more, and it’ll be perfect. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :two_hearts:


This is really late but this one looks amazing! You improved it a lot, nice job!


omfg thank you :sob: your advice really helped me!