Does this look ok for my story?

Hey,! guys I just wanted to know if this picture looks good and It doesn’t look weird


The guy’s lower part of the arm looks weird. Maybe make it look bigger and position it covering the upper part of his arm?

Yea i was thinking the same
Thanks for letting me know :smile:

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No problem :upside_down_face:

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So cute.

You can see the original arm under the tattooed one. Remove the forearm of the original.

I would suggest adding a rolled-up sleeve so it looks like they’re connected.

The strap on the dress disappears just before it meets his arm.

Yes how do i do that btw?
Removing the forearm of the original?

It depends on which app you’re using, You will need to erase it.

Could you help me with that.
I just used the codings directly so i dont know how to erase it

You will need to create a new overlay.

You can either ask an art thread to replicate it for you.

Or if you can wait till the tomorrow/the weekend, I can do it for you.

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I can gladly wait!!!
Thank you so much for helping me I will make sure to credit you!!
pls share your insta! :hugs:

No problem. Send me a message with the original picture / the details of the characters, animations, background and anything else that needs to be including for replication.

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Ill do it as soon as possible
thank you so much

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Ok thanks for letting me know

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