Does this sound interesting to anybody?


I have been thinking recently of revamping an idea I had for the spotlight contest, at the beginning of the year. And, since it’s like I totally don’t (totally do) have other stories I should probably work on first, I thought I’d share it here, to see if anybody would be interested!

So… I’m tired of the werewolf stories on this app. Most of them are the same, boring, and have similar elements (don’t even get me started on the ‘inner wolves’). So, I wanted to take one into my own hands.

The story would be heavily based around Irish Celtic culture/folklore, with elements of Japanese folklore.
It would center around our main character, a girl name Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva), who is part of a wolf pack. She discovers she’s a druid - a type of being that usually serves as a powerful spiritual leader to the pack. As part of her training to replace the pack’s druid, she must venture into the woods and go on a journey, to become more in touch with nature, and the spiritual world.
Along the way, she’d meet a companion (unsure of her name yet), a kitsune, and the two would go along on the journey together (possibly falling in love, depending on your choices). There would also be danger, mystery, and maybe a few run-ins with some Celtic gods. :wink:

So, the story idea is undeveloped so far (but I’m working on that, as well as the worldbuilding), but! I wanted to see if anyone would actually want to read something like it.
Partially, I’m just really into Irish culture and mythology at the moment, and wanted to write a story that shared some of it!

Thoughts? Feedback? Thank you! c:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I already want to read this.

That sounds amazing! Tell me when it comes out!