Does This Sound Like A Good Idea?

Let’s be real, I SUUUCK at choices, so is there an alternate way I can make up for it?


Whilst my story would definitely still have choices, until I learn how they work, I need some sort of element to make it more fun than just reading, so what do you think i should do? I’m worried if I learn both at once that they will be lower quality… what do you think?

  • Do the minigames and worry about choices later
  • Focus on your choices and learn that first
  • Learn both at once

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I will keep this open for a week

Mini games work a lot like choices, though more complicated. so you should properly learn how to do choices first

also for some reason it wont accept my vote

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No and yes, the minigames I’m planning just involve tappable overlays, which I’ve found seems to have less problems than the coding for choices I’ve done, and while there is the whole if/elif/else involves it doesn’t effect long term, which is my main worry

tappable overlays and choices work the same way

No and yes, the gains work differently and choices can have a long term affect on the readers experience, wheras the minigames I’m learning to do are just crap basic ones.

Yes they are similar, and thus by learning one, I begin to understand the other. The reason that I made thhis thread, is to find out what the Episode community would rather I started with.

Minigames are awessom possum!
Buuuuut choices are very important ya know?
I would focus on choices first. Then stick those amazing mini games of yours there.
I bet that if you could do something as difficult as making a mini game, that you can do choices aswell.

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@Sydney_H can you please close this :smile:

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Closed by OP request :smiley: