Does this sound like a good story?

So my story is about this girl named Aria,she just moved from Alaska to Texas don’t ask why cause idk) she starts her first day of school at Rosecove High (10th grade) she bumps into this cute guy and she feels a spark but his girlfriend sees that and bullies her even though she already started bullying her before Aria bumped into her man!And then her guy bestfriend (she mets him 3rd episode) likes her!Please don’t hesitate to say some stuff about my idea!I would like opinions and everything else!

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Hi. I don’t mean to seem rude but it sounds a bit cliché and I’ve read many a story like this but you could have a plot twist in it to make it different. :thinking:

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Don’t worry you didn’ really seem rude to me,so can you please tell me your idea?I would write it down on paper but I’m currently not near paper!

Okay, good.

I’m not sure but a plot twist or something to make it unlike the other stories like that. I don’t know what it could be, you could find someone to help with that but if there’s a plot twist and it’s different to all of the many stories like that, I would definitely read it! :slight_smile:

Hmm.Maybe Aria also has 4 girl best friends and 2 of them are dating each other.But they get in a fight which starts breaking the friendship off all 5 of the girls?

I’m not sure. Maybe something bigger that builds up from the beginning but isnt obvious. I don’t want to go too big, but a DEATH is usually a very big plot twist, so you can go smaller or bigger. Maybe a fake death? I don’t know, it’s up to you. :joy:

If you need feedback on your story idea, PM me and I’ll give you honest feedback. :wink:

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Maybe like the girlfriend (Mila) she gets secretly abused and like she fakes her death to get away from her mom who’s the one who abuses her and she writes a note to her boyfriend (Leon) and slides it in her locker moves out of town and comes back couples years later?

Sounds cool but how would that affect the MC Aria?

what if Aria, the main character, has lived in Texas already for a while and has already been bullied by the mean girl? The story starts with the mean girl faking her death and Aria suddenly now has the cute boy she’s been pinning for, but she feels guilty and wants to find out how exactly the mean girl died?

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Now that sounds great!! :hugs:

That seems like a good idea thank you!I may use your idea!

I dont want to be rude, but isnt it too similiar with pretty little liars?
I mean, come on

  • Aria
  • 4 best friends
  • 2 of them are dating each other
  • mean girl faking death
    Maybe its just because I really love pll, but lots of people can find it similiar.
    Just want to help, you dont want anyone to think that you are just copying PLL! :slight_smile:

Stemming off of this, maybe because people know the mean girl has bullied Aria, Aria could be framed/become a suspect of her murder? And then Aria must find out how she died in order to clear her own name?

That’s be nice!Ty!

I wasn’t thinking of Pretty Little Lairs when thinking of this,but I could change it up a bit.Thank you for telling me this!

Here’s an idea for you: the whole reason Aria moved from Alaska to Texas? She’s in a witness protection program for the murder of her best friend-- and her old life is catching up to her. Maybe have the guy that killed her best friend escape from prison and try to find her? Would add for a beautiful climax.

That seems pretty good!Thanks!!!I love it!<3

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