Does this sound too much like another story?

The MC and their “arch nemesis” (just the person they’re competing with for top spot in magic school) end up with dark and light magic, they have to become civil with each other for their powers to work. Dark magic can warp the mind and overtake the users soul, so without light magic to balance it out the user will be corrupt. This all takes place in a witch school and every choice you make is relevant to the ending you get.


i like the sound of it, maybe to sound less cliche add in a a character thats lifes on the line and to save the character; they need to work together or something. great orginal idea tho


Thank you <3


I think it sounds like a fantastic idea. It has a lot of potential and feels more unique than not to me.

It’s a struggle, but maybe try not to get too caught up in making your basic story idea “original”. I do this a lot myself and think, “well, that’s been done already…”, but most stories have been told if you think of it like that. It’s more about how you tell a story. Even if you tell a “cinderella” type story, but you tell it in an unique or different way and with dynamic characters, it can still be exciting and intriguing. In my opinion, strong, well-written characters who develop over time are most important! Good luck:)

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tysm I totally get that bc I stress myself out thinking I’m copying other stories :sob:

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You’re welcome :grin:

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