Does this story idea sound interesting?

Before i share my idea please be completely honest if it sounds basic or dull, It would help me.
So my story is a about 2 brothers (they aren’t blood, They are brothers by marriage) who are requested to find a missing rare diamond that has recently been stolen. there’s more to it but i don’t really want anyone stealing my idea. It’s not like one of those Mafia/gang leader stories it’s more of an action/spy story and it’s similar to the story ‘Dead 7’ (that book is amazing I suggest you read it) and it’s not too dramatic it’s more of a comedy. So what are you’re opinions on it? Is it to dull, If you guys want to add anything new to the idea that would be helpful! tysm x

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I think it’s a great idea :+1:t2:

Thank you!:grin:

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Its a wonderful idea…
It doesn’t sound dull at all…

is that sarcasm? XD

No definitely no…


I would actually read that!
It sounds pretty interesting, and I’ve definitely never seen anything like this before :thinking:

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It’s a good idea ut would put romance and rama n to it to make it more interesting.

It’s going to be ink :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you so much!

Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where pitches live! :v:t2:

I like the sound of it! It sounds fun and unique.

Thank you

I’ve never heard of anything like it so I’m all for it!

Sounds good definitely interested love action adventure with comedy.

I love Dead 7 lol I’m so down to read another story that has sort of the same concept it’s sounds so awesome :clap:

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Thank you!:heart: