Does this story sound interesting? [POLL]


So you get murdered and you go back in time to try and save yourself.
It is called second try

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Ohhhh… Like me


That sounds awesome!


Thank you


Sounds great! I would love to read it!!


Woah. That sounds awesome, great work my child!


Thank you, parent


You’re welcome, it sounds very intriguing and happy writing!


Thank You


His reminded me of something,
And I instantly remembered
Happy Death Day


Wahhhhhh!!! I want to read it! Like, right now! And holy cow, 26/26 people (myself included) found this story interesting. WOW!

A question I have: Is it inspired by anything or did it just pop into your head one day?


@24aya camwe up with it


Love your profile pic!


Sounds cool! Though you have to come up with a better description. But the idea is cool.


Ok thank you
What description do you think?


:wink: man I am sure you will make great story :upside_down_face:


I’m not sure. It depends on your story details. but your idea is really cool.