Does this story sound... weird?

Hey, I don’t know if they Story sounds “inappropriate” or not but here is what happens. So basically your 19 in university and a hot new professor he’s 25. they basically have a secret relationship but then she gets pregnant. Does it sound weird/inappropriate to you?


i mean i don’t like teacher / professor student relationships because it sends a bad message but i mean others may think it’s okay i guess


yeah it does sound weird and inappropriate to me lol. I think student teacher relationships are wrong and reading about them creeps me out.


In my opinion, there is nothing inappropriate with the age. So a 19 year old can date someone 25 (In my opinion the age difference isn’t bad). However, I do feel it is inappropriate for a student, even if in college to have a relationship with their professor. There’s a lot of issues with this that I won’t get too much into. But AGAIN this is just how I view it :sweat_smile: I know a lot of episode stories that have become popular with the plot of being a student and teacher relationship.


It’s does sound a bit weird but maybe if U change a few things like 2 students instead of a teacher/professor and a student.


well, it is illegal. and unfortunately very clichi


I agree the age is fine since I have been in a that age relationship. we were together for two years. I did hear a few comments. about dating an older guy. but most had another problem with him that age. because his ex lied about him being abusive(honestly he is sweets guy I ever meet)


The age isn’t a bad thing but it may be weird if you make it a student teacher relationship :thinking:


The age is fine but overall, teacher x student relationships are illegal… I mean, if they’re both adults then ok. If people really want to make a story about it, then it must include the real life consequences of having a relationship with a student. For example, the obvious pointer is going to jail, getting fired, the student gets in trouble as well etc…

But overall I just find them weird mostly because the majority of stories like that on Episode are done terribly and the teacher never faces the consequences and it always ends up with a happy ending tralla la la la babies marriage and pregnancy :roll_eyes:


It does in my opinion. I know many like this kind of story but it’s still illegal!


Well the description doesn’t sounds weird. But in a way it does. I personally wouldn’t read a story with teacher student affairs.

It’s not inappropriate since the characters affair would be legal if you think about the ages. And the age difference isn’t to big either. But the fact that it’s a ‘‘teenage pregnancy’’ story Which is a cliche. with a bit weird and cliche secret relationship between a student and a teacher. Plus I might be wrong here but those kinda relationships aren’t allowed in real life. Plus if it’s illegal, then your story is promoting it.

But if you feel like doing that story then by all means do it.


I think the age is completely fine. The relationship between the student and teacher is a no for me. I think stories like that spread the wrong message, though the age is appropriate there have been a lot of underaged students dating teachers here recently in reality that have been on the news etc.

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I think that the whole student-teacher relationship is a bit overdone and problematic.
I’m sure if you added your own twists and details it could be a good read though.

Hmm, in my opinion, it’d be kinda disgusting if the student got pregnant from their damn teacher, and ofc, we all know it’s wrong.

I mean, (this is just my opinion), I wouldn’t care if you created a story about a student-teacher relationship AS LONG AS it’s purely fictional, and does NOT, in any way, attempt to promote these kinds of relationships to the readers.

But when the pregnancy is where it crosses the line for me. It’s weird af to have a baby with your teacher, but you do you. :heart:


Thanks for all the feedback! I wasn’t at all going to make this a story I just wanted your opinions. Thank you!



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