Does your culture have no recognition?

I haven’t seen a lot of diversity in episode lately, sure you see a few muslims here and there but nothing extreme. Like my culture, Māori/Kiwi has never been in a story * not that know of * and So I’ve wondered if any other cultures have been left out.

I want to add as many different religions and ethnicity’s as possible into my new story!


I have not seen any stories taken place here in Denmark. but again as a blond girl with blue eyes i can not say i am represented.

well i coult but that would make me and ignorant fool

but i am actually a part of the asatro regligion. no on ever-present this in now . mostly because almost no one know it exist. they just call it pegan which is not a regligion

edit. well they know it exist. just dont know that it still does. its the regligion of Thor Odin and Loke(I spelld that right)


I love learning about other cultures :smile:

And diversity is more than just religion and culture, it includes gender, sexual orientation, political views and so much more :heart:

Anyways I’m excited to check out what you publish :+1:

P.S I was going to write something else but then decided to leave it :joy:


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