Dog Shelter & School Backgrounds Needed!

J need some dog shelter backgrounds. Does anyone have some?


Yes, check them out! once you accept their rules, you can go under (pet adoption center by dixie)

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I now need a school nurse background! Can anyone help?

Does this work? credit @Marysol.Episode :relaxed:

I love it, but I also need one with one of those bed like things as the character wakes up there after fainting

I will look for a background like that, I don’t have time right now but if I get the chance I can make the background for you! :relaxed:

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Hey, would you still need the background, if so can you give me more details on how you want it? :relaxed:

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Idk if this works for you, I did something simple as I didn’t quite understand how you wanted it!

that works!

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