Doing a thing in your story because something another said

have any of you had try that people told you something that made change the aspect of your story. it can both be doing as the person wanted or going against them. it dont even need to be directed at your story what the person said. it can also be something you read online

i have done it, but for me, it was not a thing there matters in the story. i heard this very stupid thing that black people cannot wear pink. so now one of my characters who is black. she wears pink all her outfits has some pink in them. and honestly i think she looks great


Yeah. I stopped writing stories where the beginning of it is a character dreaming and then waking up from the dream. It became overused apparently, and they have a good point. It is a kind of weak way to start a story, so ^^

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Okay…all people…whether their color is black, white, whatever. They can wear WHATEVER they want to wear.

Don’t listen to people who talk nonsense about a race not wearing this color outfit or whatever.


Make sure that your character looks very beautiful in that pink outfit.


Who on earth told you this? :joy: Did they mean the pink lip colours?

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the internet it was a big articel. its some time ago.

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