- Doing Adverts cause I'm bored - CStation -

Wassssssuup (lol) it’s CStation, And I’m doing Adverts cause I’m bored lol, I mean, I have other requests to finish, But still (ehhe I suck sorry lol)

De Form/How to request

Picture of the character used (doing the pose you want em to do)
Speech bubble color
Character’s name
What their saying
(If there’s choices) The choices and how many
Speech bubble, Thought bubble, Or Narration bubble?
(If there is) Gold/Premium Choice


Here’s sum

Sooo that’s it :cat_typing:

Waiting List



Oml I cant even when I was reading your little description. :sweat_smile: I do the same thing.

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Speech bubble color Red
Character’s name Sissy
What they’re saying Have you ever notice when you’re on a diet, everything taste good?! :joy:
(If there’s choices) The choices and how many “Oh yes, many times!!”
“Nah, don’t notice.”
Speech bubble

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:joy: Love ur request

Here's ur request!

Hope you like it :cat_typing:

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I love it!!:heart:

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