Doing and finding your OVERLAYS AND BACKGROUNDS! | Status: Open


Requests Open!

Note: Some Backgrounds and Overlays MIGHT take a while to do!


Background Set Examples
Bed set

Close up View

Overlays Examples

Request Forms

Background request form:
What kind of background? (Bedroom, classroom etc.):
Give me a description of what you want the background to look like:
Night background or Day background?:
How many zones?:
Any references?
Anything else?:

Overlay request form:
What kind of overlay do you want?:
How are you gonna use the overlay?
Any references?
Anything else?:


Hi! Your overlays and backgrounds look beautiful! :slight_smile: But the overlay I’ll need is a bit simpler… but maybe a slight challenge to make. I was wondering if you’d be able to make an overlay of a Limelight Female with Neutral 02 skin color, just her hand (and arm i guess lol) facing up like she’s holding something small. I was hoping for an angle that looks like she’s looking down into her hands? Idk if there’s like a base position to edit it off of but if you’re able to do this I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks <3


Can you give me any references of what you mean by facing up like holding something small?


Sure, something like these…


Basically this is what I meant by cupped and from the angle of her looking into her hands. I hope this helped…

Also if it’s too far off to do don’t worry about it I can improvise the directing and change the scene :slight_smile:


Is it okay if it does not look episode style but cartoonish?


What kind of overlay do you want?: A overlay for covers
How are you gonna use the overlay? For a birds eye view of a bed
Any references?
Anything else?: can the blanket be blue and white and gold maybe? Ignore not generally blue and white


If not*




Hi there! I would like to request “car overlayers” I want to use them when my characters drive, talking in the car etc. Something like the following pictures would be great! Thanks :kissing_cat:



Car backgrounds?


You want overlays of the blankets?
Would these work?


Exactly, but I want a car too, as an overlayer.


So a overlay set? Interior and exterior?


Yes, interior.


Would these work?



Yep. Thanks!


Yes that’s fine! If you could try to match the skin tone though :slight_smile:



Omg that’s beautiful thank you!! How can I credit you in my story?


You can credit me through forums name @deactivated its not really necessary tho but highlt appreciated