Doing Art For 3 People!

Hey everyone!! I have nothing to currently do so I’m gonna be doing the following art for 3 people:
*Covers (drawn or edit)
*Splash (drawn or edit)
*Backgrounds (bad)



Please be aware you only get 1 re-do.

Drawn art may take a matter of days, however edited may take a few hours depending on whether my parents force me to go out or not!!
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

~Katie :purple_heart:

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I completely forgot!! I’m so sorry :joy:

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I haven’t got many on this device because I’m on holiday but I have these :grin:

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Sorry it’s my KPOP dance class

Okay :joy:

BUMP!! I still want to do some art :purple_heart:

Bump, I’m so bored :slightly_smiling_face: (again :rofl:)