Doing art (three people at a time)

Hello :slight_smile: I have just gotten back from the hospital and I wanna do some art to take my mind off of things. I’d do other requests but I want them to be done perfectly to the best of my ability. And im not in the right mindset for that right now. So… yeah. I will only be doing INK and I can’t guarantee that I will do or finish yours. Depends on your request.

This is just for practice and a distraction. Not an art shop.

Please fill this out to give me an idea of what you want.

Character details
Outfit (custom or original)
Pose (custom or original)
Background (optional)

Please do not say that I can pick the bg or the outfit or the pose, you gotta choose :+1:




Character details:


Pose - If it’s possible can you do a peace sign, or the end of the animation laugh_chuckle


Outfit (custom or original) -
If you could add a Christmas hat that would be great! :slight_smile:


Background (optional)


Do you mean like tattoos, freckles or piercings? There is a flower tattoo on her thigh in the Detail card if you want to add that. :slight_smile:

If this is too complicated, you can change it around. :slight_smile:

thanks for this :slight_smile: I will begin right now

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can we see examples of your work?

I would send examples @eilyk @UnicornPlayz.Episode but as I said above, this is just to take my mind off of things, its not an art shop. But I would send examples if I could. But I still have to wait for my iPad to get fixed


Ok. Sorry

its ok :slight_smile:

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I finished it :slight_smile: It’s not the best but eh

Your art

Did you want it on the bg or no


It’s so beautiful!! :blush: If you could put it on the background that would be great! :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I use it as my PFP?

ofc you can use it as ur pfp! I will just add the background and ill send it to you

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Thank you!! I’ll make sure to credit you in my profile description. :slight_smile: