Doing art work ... See details :) INK & LL

I looked and I didn’t see you on there!

Wooopsie lol

Lol that’s alright! We’re you going to comment on my cover or art scene post?

I think the cover, because someone else had said they were doing the large one I believe

I actually am writing two stories. The cover I had made for me was The Entwined Wind, I just need one for Sealed With A Kiss.

Or maybe I already requested that somewhere else, I forget, let me go back and check!

Well I’ll add you to my list and DM you for the details when I get to it :smiley:

My examples can now be seen above :slight_smile: thanks for waiting

Hello, could I get a background with this character, saying “This story uses sound, turn up that volume!” (I don’t want it exactly like that, I’d like it to look a bit more realistic if that makes any sense)

So you’re asking for a splash with that image? only jazzed up to bring it to life a bit more?

No, I wanted it to say the same thing but with my character and edited differently

Okay, I’ll message you when I get to yours to make sure it’s what you want :slight_smile:

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Here’s your Profile picture… I hope you like it, sorry for the wait but I had to finish the scene request first :slight_smile:

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It looks AMAZINGG!!!

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Thank you so much!!! Xxxx love ittt

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Great, I’m glad you like it :smile:

Wow you did cover for chain reaction. It’s by far my fav.!!
Love it.

It’s my entry for the cover competition :slight_smile: the same with A Fetish For perfection… neither of them have won/been chosen, competitions are both still going :grin: just put them up as examples… but thank you sweetie :grin:

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Hey :slight_smile:I am just about to start work on your art scene… only issue… what nose did you want for the female character? you said button but there is no female nose as button, that’s just on the men’s section :grin: I think you might mean elven, but not sure so i’ll wait to hear back sweetie.
Please let me know when you get the chance and I’ll get to work on it for you

Eleven please :slightly_smiling_face: Must have been my mistake :joy: