Doing background

If someone could do some backgrounds for my story this is first one for sound

I can, do you just want one for the sound with that background, or is there any other specifics you would like?

I can go with that one, would you like to edit any characters in?

That background is amazing :slight_smile:
Did you make it? :grin:

No ,but i do agree

Where did you get it from? :sunglasses:

My sister

She made it?

No, actually she sent it to me!

Well, you need to be careful-make sure it’s an image that you can actually use-and please check who the artist is-if they allow you to use the image, then you can. It’s important to give credit where credit is due : )

Thanks for the heads up, I will

Cool : )
Ask your sister and let me know who it from too because I would love to use it, too, that is if I’m allowed by the artist :grin:

Ok ,sure !

Would you like me to edit characters in? If so, I’ll need a little details, such as what you want the characters to look like and the poses they are doing.

Ok sure
Ink female:
Skin: Toffee
Hair: Diva/Black
Eye/Eye color: Upturned Bold/Purple
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full round
Pose: Dance_whip
Eyebrows: Defined natural

Okay, sorry that I didn’t answer very fast, it doesn’t send me the notification because you didn’t reply directly to me. I should have it done in like 10 minutes.

Nvm, I lied, I apologize I’m having a few complications with my internet, but I got it fixed now

Here she is! Let me know if you would like anything changed.


Cool : )
Yes, I actually took the image above and put it into the search engine and it gave me results for iphone wallpaper : )
Thank you for taking your time to do this though : )
Unfortunately, I’m not so sure if I can use it- I hope iphone wallpapers are allowed to be used in Episode stories, but I’m not so sure…

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Oh my gosh, @MadisonW you are a lifesaver! That’s been on my mind for some time, no joke, but I was too scared to use them :sweat_smile: and now someone amazing has helped me : )
This literally means a lot to me :purple_heart:

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