Doing character detail banners {OPEN}

Welcome to Character details banners shop! All you have to know is a few things before you start.

1. Make sure you include everything you want.
2. Up to 3 character sheets at a time.
3. Be patient!
Now lets get to the good stuff!

Character sheets



Must include:

Character details
Font type
How many characters on it
Anything else

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Can I request a detail banner, if yes here are the details:
Clarissa: Skin: Tan, Eyebrows: Defined Natural, Beach Wave Hair, (black) Eyes: Round Bold (blue), Face: Oval, Nose: Elven, Lips: Classic (Orange Crush)
Outfit: Tight Tights (Black), Cut Out Heels Silver,Key Necklace, Black Sequin Crop Top

Zane: Skin: Light, Brow: Thin Arch Short Cropped Hair (Platinum blond) Eyes: Deepset Piercing (white) Face:Defined Triangle Nose: Button Lips: Uneven (blush)
Outfit: Basic Sneakers (Heather Grey), Vine Jacket (Zinc White), Large Stitch Jeans (Chinchilla Grey)

Poses: Zane: (left side) idle_awkward (right side) Clarissa: blow_kiss

Background: Snowy Winter Forest

Font: up too you

2 characters

tysm, if you do this for me!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll get on it!

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Here you go

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Can I request two characters in 1 like the one you did for @/AmazinglyLost? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Background Beach or Maybe a picnic in the meadow?
Character details
Body - Honey
Eyebrows - Medium Sharp
Eyes - Classic Round (Black)
Lips - Uneven (Taupe)
Nose - Button
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Hair - Short Cropped Hair (Fawn)

Body: Olive
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Green)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Auburn)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Orange Crush)

Font type Any (nothing too bold or scary-like)
How many characters on it 2
Anything else Not that I can think of

Thanks and let me know if you need anything else :innocent:

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I’ll get on it!

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your welcome!

I love it!!! thank you!!!

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Here you go! Sorry for being late

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It looks great! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent::heart_eyes:

Your welcome! :slightly_smiling_face::grin: