Doing cover art for peoples whos cover break the new guide lines


So with the new update rules, I guess some might have been so unlucky to have their cover break it. and I thought I might help out some of those people so they dont have to panic. I have a few rules to the request of the one
link here Episode's Content Guidelines

first actually be a published story with a cover their break the new rules. and Yes I am actually gonna look up your story to see if it does.

to make the cover I need. if failer to give all information I will not be able to make the cover. also a picture of the character is preferred.

Author name:
Picture characters on the cover (max 2 )
description of what the cover shall look like
give me credit and I will leave the watermark in the picture. do not claim it as your own do not trace it. if you do I will report you
Dont ask if you’re not using it.

I have every right to say no take make a cover if I dont wanna. or change my mind if you’re rude.

Meanwhile if you can’t wait I do edits too. And I will always do those first

Also read my story please

And yes I know my story dont have a good cover but I got no idea what to make

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My story, Free Falling, breaks the “cover guidelines”, because Fawn is on it, and she is a child.

I just need Caoimhe, standing in the center, on her phone with headphones in.

  • Dark
  • Defined Natural
  • Upturned Bold (Auburn)
  • Ponytail Locks (Black)
  • Oval
  • Hooked
  • Classic (Dark)

White soccor shorts and Kitty Cat Tee for clothing

I prefore a picture of the person

Also please give me all the information

also I cant find your story can you send a link

This is the Background:

And this is the character:

(I’ve changed the cover for now, here’s the link)

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I made a fast sketch.


I love it.

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do you want it with a black out line or not?

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Yeah. Whatever is easiest for you.

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You know its quite fast you got that cover change


So I forgot you wanted headphonesshe was not wearing any. I will ad those. what kind of headphones.

Just something along these lines:
image Image result for headphones
Thank you so much for doing this.

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So I just found out my picture has not been saved correct so instead of layers it is just one picture. so this is gonna be a pain to color

Oh shoot… I’m sorry if this is stressful…

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yeah its most anoying because I wanted to try to make the ponytail look better but cant really do that now

its done


I really appreciate it.

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Woah-your art is amazing

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thanks. thats nice of you to say

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Just being honest :wink:

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