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Hi, I’m looking for someone who could do my art cover and then the heavens sent you right to my notifications panel, so i sincerely from the deep cages of my heart, plead that you please do a page cover for me.
BRIEF STORY DESCRIPTION: Its African centered, two kingdoms, a prince and a princess, The princess comes from a polyandry household, the prince from a monogamous one, so basically their kingdoms are centered around that too. It’s modern Africa, on the princess side they wear regal long, gold -touched garments with prints, BLUE , NAVY, is their royal colour. And on the prince’s side they have an almost indian, silk texture to their clothing but with an African feel.
CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: the prince is albino, skin tone is neutral 01, hair is a short face and platinum blonde, eyes monolid slender, eyes colour brown light,face is diamond soft, nose button round, and lips, full heart natural
her description is the contrast, eyes are also brown light, hair is long black dreadlocks, skin colour is copper 09, nose is round button, her lips are full round and pouty


Limelight, right?
BTW, your story seems interesting :slight_smile:


YES, limelight and thank you i just hope my writing is displayed in that manner too, oh and yes limelight, and please give my princess a shimmer gold glow to her make up. Can the cover have like the contrast of the sun and moon, you know what lemme shut up you are the artist here. Fly with it!

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:DDD okay. don’t stress it. I’ll PM you tomorrow.

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Hi there are you still taking requests?:grin:

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Yeah. Just pass the details.


Hey! Your art is so beautiful and I was wondering whether you are still taking requests? :blush:


No, sorry :frowning: I have a waiting list for about 1-2 months already


Okay no worries!
I hope you continue doing art as it looks amazing! :+1:

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Thank you :slight_smile: :blossom:

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