Doing Digital Art Requests!

I’m doing Digital Art requests, if you need an art scene, or cover I’d be happy to help, some edits will take longer & my I work on my dads Ipad. So, it will take a bit, since he works away. One day I hope I can afford my own, but for the moment it’s great. If anyone wants one, here is my only example (as it’s my first one):

Currently Doing:
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2 more slots available!


Can you do an edit of my character?

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I’d love to make a request!

Art scene needed

mhm, message me deets

Cool, message me the deets!

Message me details!

Message me it

OHHHHH. Sorry.

Title of Story: Sophisticated & Deceived
Author Name: Briana M.
Description/Plot: Ashden, a 26 year old young woman learns that life isn’t about being emotionless and too sophisticated. Will a guy help her explore her emotions in life?
The Cover Details: I want the female character to be disappointed while the male character is winking.

Character 1 (FEMALE):
Skin Tone: Light
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair + Hair Color: Diva Curls + Black
Eyes + Eye Color: Upturned Bold + Taupe
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Soft Heart
Mouth + Mouth Color: Full Round + Cherry Red

Character 2 (MALE):
Skin Tone: Peach
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Hair + Hair Color: Shoulder Length + Chestnut
Eyes + Eye Color: Classic Round + Blue
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth + Mouth Color: Smirk + Terracotta

Thank you~
Let me know if I’m forgetting something :slight_smile:

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Send me deets!

how far back are you out? I need a special art scene done. I really need it asap but cant find anyone to do it. I’d like to publish my story by tomorrow

I cant have it done by tomorrow.

well that is what I was asking. How far out are you?
I really just need it done

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You sound very demanding. Consider the fact that she already have other requests and they are before yours, also you need to wait for approval around week or longer so there’s no chance you could publish your story even if she would make you an art scene for tomorrow.


I’m not at all demanding. I’m just trying to see if its even reasonable time frame for what I am trying to do. I don’t want to waste her time by even making a request if it isn’t going to work for me. These people that do all these art scenes are so awesome for even giving their time to help people with their stories. I was NEVER trying to be rude. I honestly did forget about getting it approved. I have been trying to get someone to help me with an art scene for like 3 weeks. I’m certainly discouraged. But likely I’m just going to omit that scene. I’m so sorry if it sounded rude
I just was seeing how far out she was. I know some are VERY backed up.
Sorry again.

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De-ending on the schedule The time is 2-4 days max

I’d love one!
You can make my hair beach waves, but can you do custom outfits?

Thanks. I won’t worry you. I’m sorry again