Doing edits for free!

If your looking for edits like this : Captureyay
You’ve come to the right place! These take about 30-50 minutes :slight_smile:
Fill out this form to place your order :3

Name/ username:
Main color (mine was purple if you don’t know what I mean):
Character details :
Pose :
Text (optional, leave blank if no text):
Background :
Other info:

When you get your request back, don’t hesitate to tell me to change something if it didn’t meet your expectations!

Good day xox

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Hi! My name is Hamnah and my user name is Unicornlover346 and I was just wondering if you can also do natural covers (no main color) thanks.

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Hmmm, I honestly don’t know as I’ve never tried. Im just afraid my edits will look messy x3

That’s ok, someone else is doing the large cover so you can do the small one.

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okay x3

do you want me to give you some info?

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Well, that would be nice xD