Doing Episode Story Reviews

As a fellow writer myself, I know that sometimes writing can be quite difficult. Especially on Episode when directing often takes up more time than writing the actual story. I want to offer my services and help people who are looking for feedback. If you want me to read the first five chapters of your Episode story and write a review on it. Feel free to comment the name of your story on this thread and I will write a review. Things I will focus on will mainly be characters and plot but also other things such as language, grammar and directing. Since I’m not a native English speaker myself, I won’t be focusing too much on language and grammar unless it’s really really bad. Lastly, my reviews will be honest but if I don’t like anything I will also give an explanation why so you don’t have to worry about getting sentences such as: “This is horrible.”


Hi. Could you a review on my story
It’s called: Beware, My heart

Instagram: episode.raeesa

Hey! Thanks for doing this! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you want to, please review my story Spotlight: Jellyfished (by Himawari).

My instagram is himawari_1993 .

I will get right to it, do you want me to send the review to you on Instagram?

Hi could you review ,the first episode of my story “Choose your love” please :slightly_smiling_face:
Story: Choose your love
Plot: Which guy/girl will win your love

Hi could you read my story Shout please:
Check it out:

Hi! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my story. It’s called Hearts Reunited (link: Thank you for doing this!

Yes please

Hi :smiley: my story is called The Art of The Deal.

I just would love to know if it’s catchy or intriguing?

Instagram : epy.gracex

Title: Projection!
Author: Karlon Artis
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?

Hi Maggdizz504!

I’d appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on my story;
Recovery in 5.
It’s a drama/romance that follows the MC two years after a break up as she’s pursuing her dream career to become a physiotherapist.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hello! Would you review my story? It’s called Distractors :slight_smile:


I am struggling to get more readers and a review would really help!
My story is called Safe and my username is B_Sydney

Description: Beau’s life gets flipped around from normal to adrenaline filled when she gets mixed up with risk-taking Roman.

Instagram: b_sydney97

Hi my story is called Beautiful Boy

It is about a girl who is forced to switch places with her brother at a summer camp after an accident. She faces falling in love, being blackmailed, under attack, and hiding her secret identity.


Title: H&V: Our Story
Author: Ki_Writes
Thank you so much for doing this

Do you want me to send it to your on instagram? :slight_smile:

Sure, please do :wink:.

Hey there. It would be great for any feedback on my story.

Title - The FireDraco’s Destiny: Rhea’s Arc
Author - AbbyB
Genre - Fantasy
Episodes - 4 (ongoing)
Description- After Talina’s Arc, Rhea is the legacy to destroy evil. Being a Dragon in the supernatural world is more than troublesome. Will you finish what your ancestors started?
Link -
Instagram - official.abbyb.episode
Thanks again and any feeback is appreciated.

Name: Prominent Gift
Author: Gia Morina
Genre: Fantasy/Werewolf/Romance/Drama
Description: Kidnapped at 16, Piper finally escapes after three years. She finds herself in the home of the soon to be Alpha King. What happens when her kidnappers come looking for her? How long can the Alpha King keep her protected?
Number of Episodes: 4

Thank you :heart:

Hi, could you give me some feedback on my story?

Title: Saving Anna.
Genre: Romance/Drama
Author: MaryG
Episodes: 3 so far.
Story Description: Anna is a young, sweet girl whose life has been strucked by tragedy more than once. At this point of her life, someone new enters her life, someone exits and someone reappears. Will the handsome stranger be able to save her from herself and her demons?