Doing free art all styles

I got nothing to do. I am waiting for sims 4 discover university is available for the bundle. but that might first be tomorrow. and there is a glitch in the writer portal so I cant write.

So is there anyone who wants art is done. if it’s for a story I prefer it is a published one. or one you are at least serious about publishing. I dont wanna spent time on art and you give up on the story before its finish.

els I need character details(preferred picture). a picture example of what you want. MAX 2 characters.

I dont really care if its for cover or art scene. but I will put my watermark on and I you shall give credit. and you shall use it.

I only accept one at a time. and I will be sending a PM when I work on yours. I do take them in order but I properly won’t do all ( depending on how many ask )


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Can you also do a pfp?

what is a pfp

Profile picture

No I dont. they are hard to credit. also I am still angry over last time I did it and she never used it. (well she has not as of yet and its been mounths)

@Sydney_H can you close the forum. because no one wanted art. and I have finally been able to buy the sims game. so I dont have time to draw.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: