Doing Free Covers, Profile Picks, Character Sheets, And just some art for your story OPEN FROM 6am-9:45 weekdays, 10am-11pm weekends

I’m doing stuff for free just fill this out if your interested.
Limelight or ink:
Character details(eye color, skin color, etc.):
Background image(optional):
Other info that you want me to know:
Please tell me whether it’s a cover, profile or anything else…


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Waiting list:

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Do you have any examples?

I’ll be done with the examples in a bit.

Limelight or ink?

INK please

Character details(eye color, skin color, etc.):

Skin: Olive
Face shape: Soft heart
Eye/color: Upturned bold (toffee)
Nose: Soft natural
Hair/color: Beach wavy (black)
Lips/color: Classic (dusty rose)
Brows: Medium angled


I was thinking because it’s almost Halloween I’d thought it’d be cool to make my avatar creepyish :joy: I was thinking something like this please if possibly :blush:


Pitch black wit a red shadow around the avatar please



THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! :sob: :heart:

Here are some examples:

Any specific pose?

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Yes please arms crossed :blush:

Ok, no problem

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Yay! Thanks! :pray::heart:

Epypheonix yours is finished

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If you use this in your story please credit this to my username. I hope you like it! :smiley:

I couldn’t find a pitch black red shadow background, I hope you still like it

Limelight or ink: ink
Details: Untitled218
Theme: anything nature lmao
Background image: you can choose anything

It should be done in 30-40 minutes tops, any pose?

Nope you can do anything an ty

It’s done, hope you like it.

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I love it! Tysm I’m gonna post this how should i credit you?

Just my username

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I have examples now.