Doing Practice Edits (Open)

well to bad :relieved:
i aint putting u

why not?? thast harsh and J needs me

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nah jay will live :yawning_face:
imma go yell at him BYEEEEEEEEEEE

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I hate you


what does that mean? also, put me in the edit

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why :pleading_face:

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:relieved: obvious not

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@Youngbl00d & @Snapshot finshed :relieved:

I expect it to be both of ur pfps as soon as u see it

why does J look like a giant and i dont think my skin color is correct?

its rose 04 idk wut u want me to do :roll_eyes:
and u said jay was tall and on ur pfp he was like 3456789 ft taller then u

gold 04 and i was up to his head XDXD

nice edit tho XDXD

pfp :relieved:

hahaha nice pfp why is he crying

bump :woman_shrugging:

you have my deets, right scribs? :pleading_face:

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yessir :pleading_face:

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