Doing Profile pics

Can you give me the details instead of the photo?


NAME: Opal
Skincolor: tan
Brow: defined natrual
Hair: beach wave
Hair color: black
Eyes: round bold
Eye color: brown
Face shape: oval
Nose: eleven
Lips: blossom lips
Lip color: scarlet

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Thank you!

Your welcome

Is it too late to join…?

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Yeah it is…

Can I have a blonde character pls, you can choose the looks and background! As long as the eyes are green and the hair is blonde, you can choose the other looks! I would just like this character to be smiling in front of any background pls!

Sorry, I am not very organised with things like this…

I actually stopped drawing since December I’m so sorry. :confused:

It’s okay! You might want to close this thread then!
You can do it by saying @Sydney_H please close this thread!

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So you can’t do my pp any more?

she stopped drawing lmao

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Lol I’m dumb af thanks for telling me (I feel like an idiot)

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bahaha no it’s okay i almost requested too

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