Doing R4R with my new story! :yay:

Hello hello everyone!
I just published my second story and I would really like you to read it! If you are into vampire stories, maybe you will like mine! I would like to read your story and you to read mine. Let’s do a R4R and support each other, us, small authors! Drop your story down below! :yay:

Be sure to send me the screenshots via DM or Instagram!

Here are some informations about my story :

  • Title : One Bite To Save
  • Author : Chocola
  • Genre : Fantasy, romance
  • Description : A cursed vampire prince needs a bride to put an end to his curse, but… in a limited time. Will you be the one to deliver him from it?
  • Chapters : 7 (Ongoing)
  • My Instagram : @chocola.writes
  • Link :

chocola-1 - (with title)


Thank you for this thread! :blush:

Title: something like summer

Description: While he lives a life of rules and expectations, she lives a life of struggles and reality. But what happens when the cross each other’s paths that one summer?

Genre: romance/ comedy


Insta: @daaisy.creates

I’m available for r4r, you can dm or pm me :slight_smile:

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I would love to do a R4R with you! I’ll add your story to my favs right now! You’ll be notified once I’m done with it!

Thank you for this thread
Title: Its all Mirage
Genre: Romance
Author: @Butterfly.ep_14
Description: An arranged marriage with your enemy Tyler Moore. Threat to the company you gave your life to help build, what will you focus on, disaster marriage or your legacy?
Chapters : 6 (Ongoing)

Great! I’ll read your story too! :blush::heart:

Awesome! I’m adding your story to my favorites and I will send you the ss once I’m done!

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I will send you SS too

Hi I like to do r4r, though I might first be able to finish tommorow

This is my story.

Title : Reveal: Scorn Heir.
Includes multiple love interest of both genders. Full CC of MC, limited of Love interest. Mini-games, point system
Directing: I will say I am a pretty Advance coder. and I made sure there are no mistakes
Genre: Fantasy
Grammar : good thanks to @MissHaze who have proof-read the story
Description: After a tragedy befalls the royal family, you’re forced to take the throne. Faced with challenges to your legitimacy and ghosts from the past, will you crumble under the pressure?

Link :

Hi! Yeah, it’s fine, take your time!
I’m adding your story to my favs and I’ll send you the screenshots once I’m done with it!

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Btw, I am happy to see your cover was approv in the end.

Thank you very much! :heart:

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Here is my story!

Name: The Fallen

My User Name: Ivy🥰

Instagram: @ivywrites_epi

Description: your stunning vamp BFF is turning eighteen and is about to find her soulmate. She’s perfect head to toe, and you? Well, you don’t even know what you are.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Fallen

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


Happy for read for read or shoutouts on Instagram😋 always wanting to support others!!

What an amazing cover you have! :blush:
I’m adding your story to my favorites and I will probably start reading it tomorrow! I have some stories to read first :heart:

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Awhh, thank you so much😇

i would love to do a r4r with you

Here are my story

Title: Secret!
Author: Episode.Simone
Genre: Drama

Renae Santiago! A mysterious person with a dark past who crosses path with a cocky mafia leader Dante Rodríguez. They both have Secrets but who will be the one to confess first?

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I would love to do a R4R with you! Can I have the link of your story?

Great! Let’s do a R4R then. I’m adding your story to my favorites and will read it ASAP. Need to finish some stories first :blush:


hey! your story looks good! i’m open to doing r4rs, and I have two stories you can pick from in case either romance isn’t your genre, or horror isn’t lol.