DOING R4Rs! Let’s do a r4r! 🌻♥️

Hello! :sunflower: I am a long time episode reader and now newly author :partying_face:, and I’ve always wanted to be a critic and help people improve on their stories, and what a better time and way to help others by also promoting my new story as well! :partying_face::partying_face:
So I am now doing Read for Reads and Read for Reviews on your stories! :clap:t4::clap:t4:
A little information:
Read for reads are for people who just want a little extra reads :slight_smile:
Read for review are for people who want some feedback, advice, and/or tips and tricks! :pen:
However, you can only request for me to read up to five episodes :slight_smile:
How to request :thinking::
It’s simple! :smile:
All I ask is for proof of your reading! :open_book:
E.G: A SS of proof you’ve read the first three episodes, a SS of a scene in the third episode, etc. :herb:
But here is a fair warning!

I highly discourage you from trying to forage proof by stealing SS from other requests because I will know and deny your request!
On the other hand, I highly encourage you to look at other SS and make sure you don’t take a SS of the same scene as someone else so there is no confusion and doubt in your legitimacy! :sunflower:
Now here’s the good deats!
Story name: Us in the dark
Story genre: fantasy, action, comedy, romance
Story description: A group of assassin vampires with no control, no limits and no care. What happens when the past comes back to get them?

Happy reading and requesting!!! :partying_face:
Also, I am always open to feedback!
Let me know if you want my review to be private or public! :heart:
Story link:


Great! Sounds perfect! Just send a SS from episode 3 and I’ll get right on yours! Also do you want a R4R or a R4 review? And how many episode would you like me to read?

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Here you go, sorry about that!

Hi! Let’s do an R4R!

Title: The Society (of Haverford)
Author: Scarlett
Genre: Comedy , slice of life
style: limelight



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Just send a SS of the third episode and I’ll get right on it! :sunflower::sunflower:

done, can u read mine?

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Of course! I’ll get right on it! :heart:

I’ve finished yours! You didn’t specify how many episodes so I just assumed that you’d wanted me to read so I just read three :heart:

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Thank u for the read :heart:

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Of course! If you ever want to do a read for read again when I publish more episodes I’ll be happy to!

sure! when i publish i’ll message u and if u publish some more feel free to message me x

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New Story / New Author

Story: Unusual Girl

Chapters: 3/20
Author: Cali
Description: Zoe, an artistic girl, who has returned from a 2 months hiatus. She finds that her friends have changed and secrets have be revealed. How will Zoe navigate high school now?
Style: LL

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So do you wanna do a R4R or a R4 review?

msg you

Hi! I would be happy for a review! :slight_smile:

Title: © Tribe of Malapinchi (Original) [COMPLETE]
Author: Jannah Jackson
Story Description:
Tales of the Old Asians warned that WW2 scars still plagued the exotic-cursed tribe in the mythical land within the Pacific Ring of Fire at East South East Asia. The land of Sun, light & black magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you survive, solve the havoc, cleanse and heal, save and free everyone before it’s too late? Or die in vain?
FullCC/Choices Matter/MiniGames/Tappables
Genre: Realistic-Fantasy/Mystery/ Adventure/Thriller/Horror

Cover (With symbolic meanings of the cover inside the story too)

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Of course I’d be happy to! Just send the proof and I’ll get right on it!

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My story is called: “Kaylee Girly”

Status: 3 and more coming soon

I’m also coming out with a Halloween special so if you would like to check it out it will becoming out in October 31st or sometime in November. It is called “Happy Hour” I am also coming out with a Christmas special called “Christmas Cookies” that will be released on December 25, 2019.

Ok so do you want to do a rfr or are you just trying to promote? Because if so that’s not what this thread is for.