Doki Doki Niji Tochi ~ Official Sign Up and Chat Thread



Hello there! Welcome to the land of Doki Doki! A land of perfection, happiness, and smiles all day long! Doki Doki is a place of endless magic, fun, and surprises! The sky is colored rainbow, chubby critters scurry around in all directions, and some people are even gifted with magical powers. Doki Doki is led by a wise King and Queen with a beautiful, and ‘perfect’ daughter. Everyone seems cheerful, happy, and well-off. But that is the opposite of what Doki Doki is. Forbidden Romance, Betrayal, Jealousy, Murder, and endless drama await the citizens and people of Doki Doki! Everything seems to be a game, and the only way you can win is by how much power you have. Or is it? Ten trinkets are hidden among Doki Doki, each will gift the user something extraordinary… Evil lurks around every corner, waiting for Doki Doki to collapse and make way for eternal chaos and unhappiness.

This roleplay will be a magical x slice of life genre. There will be certain positions to be filled! First come, first serve! PM me or reply below if you have any questions on what the positions are about, or other ideas for a position!


King (1) ~ AVAILABLE!
The King is married to the Queen. Together, they rule over Doki Doki. The King is a great fighter, and has served in many wars. He, like the queen, is getting older, and will soon retire the throne to their daughter, Princess and who she marries.

Queen (1/1)
TAKEN BY: @Aohebe_S
The queen is married to the king and together, they rule over Doki Doki. The Queen is loved by her subjects. She is getting elderly, and will soon retire the throne to her daughter, the Princess, and who she marries.

Princess (1/1)
TAKEN BY : @EpisodeGirl
The princess is the daughter of the King and the Queen. When her parents retire from the throne, she will marry and take over as Queen.

Knight (3) ~ AVAILABLE! (More may be added later)
The knights are like the policemen. They serve the King and Queen (although some may be spies or traitors), and are well trained fighters. (ONE of them can be a woman dressed as a man, secretly fighting to defend her land :wink: ) Idea inspired by Cam

Maids (3) ~ AVAILABLE! (More may be added later)
The maids are servants and companions to the princess (Although some may be spies or traitors). Their job is to run errands for the princess, help with clothing, etc. (but they can do more interesting things in the roleplay!)

Ladies (3/3)
TAKEN BY : @Supermegamon62 @JesusLover2.0 @PurpleRose
The ladies are the wealthiest citizens after the royalty and the lords, and often attend balls or galas at the palace. They live in mansions and small castles near the Midori Forest.

Lords (2) ~ AVAILABLE! (More possibly added later)
The lords (can be) married to the ladies, and also attend balls and galas at the palace. They are well off with nice houses by the forest, too. They are the wealthiest after the royalty.

Magical Girls (4) ~ AVAILABLE! (One more may be added later)
Magical girls are normal human girls who can transform into superheros and fight crime with newfound powers. They are a team, and often make friends with the chubby critters. (See Sailor Moon!)

Magical and Rare Beings (∞) (Infinite amounts of these may be made)
These beings are citizens who live in Doki Doki like the humans, and have jobs like them too. But these beings are rare and unusual. They can be mermaids, furries, vampires, cat-girls, faeries… Anything you can think of!

Critters (∞) ~ AVAILABLE! (Infinite amount of these may be made!)
The critters can be normal earth animals, or even mythical ones! They can be speaking or nonspeaking.

Citizens (2/ ∞) (AVAILABLE ~ Infinite amount may be made)
TAKEN BY: @PurpleRose @EpisodeGirl
The citizens are people who live in Doki Doki Village. Some are rich, poor. (You can choose their job, wealth, etc)

Notaties (3) (I may add one or so more)
They keep track of what is going on in the kingdom and have power over secret knowledge. (SOME MAY BE EVIL OR TRAITORS)


  1. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! These are characters that are absolutely beautiful and perfect, without any flaws. They make the roleplay boring, and can be annoying and uninteresting.
  2. Length Your personality and bio must be detailed, and at least one paragraph long! (although more would be better). If you are having trouble with this, let me know and I can help you!
  3. No two people can have the same name or faceclaim Sorry, but every character in this roleplay should have the same name or faceclaim.
  4. Be creative and Unique! Try not to have two characters with the same exact personality type.
  5. Try to keep the gender ratio equal! I don’t want to have an overload of girls, so let’s try to keep the ratio of male to female even. :slight_smile:
  6. All signups are due June Second You’ll have plenty of time :wink:


Roleplayed By :
Job / Position / Rank:
Faceclaim (MUST BE ANIME!) :


I have already got my character’s personality and bio inside the faceclaims! If you want our character’s lives to have intertwined in the past, PM me!

I hope y’all have fun with me on here! :smile:

Those who were interested

Those were the people who said they were interested, but anyone may join!


Can I reserve for a Lady and a Citizen? : )


Can I have a lady/lord also be a magical creature? Since its infinite.


Also can i reserve for a lady and a lord


reserve for a magical girl


Can I reserve a lady and a magical being?


Of course you may! May I ask the gender of the citizen?


Yep you may!


Sure you can! May I ask what type of being?


You got her!


Did I get the reserve for the Lord and lady then?


Yep! They can be somehow magical or rare creatures!


Ok. What is the sign up template/is there a google forum?


Oh shoot! Totally forgot that, I’m an idiot. Putting it up now.


A werewolf? And he’s a male.


Also, can I reserve a notaties?




Yes you may! :grin:


You got it!


He’s yours!