Doki Doki Niji Tochi ~ Official Sign Up and Chat Thread


@EpisodeGirl, I could help with the FC if you need a hand ^-^


@EpisodeGirl I wish I could help you but I’m already helping a friend with her own RP.


Aww its ok


Name: Kaga Kouko
Roleplayed By : Coolepisodes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Magical girl
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: She’s a nice creative girl, she is very very crazy, and childish
Bio: One day… she becomes a hero… and another she’s a normal girl… in Doki Doki…
Job / Position / Rank: A Physician/ she’s very rich/
Faceclaim (MUST BE ANIME!) :


Can I reserve maid and magical being


Name: Chesire Thorn
Roleplayed By : UltimaW
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Maid
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind Shy Mysterious
Bio: She doesn’t Renner a lot of her backstory but she went to a Insane Asylam
Job / Position / Rank: Magical Being
Faceclaim (MUST BE ANIME!) :


Isn’t doki doki Japanese for like the heart beat or something? So cute


Dude thsi RP is not happening. It would get archived unless you you said this post


I’m so angry, I mean @Epi.Sympatics should make a anime RP


I wish this was still happening.


I’m sorry… I’ll try working more. Life’s been tough.