Doksan's Donut Shop 🍩



Can i be a scary donut


Whoop :doughnut:




Love this one :doughnut:


Looks like charcoal with chocolate on top. What flavor is that it looks interesting? :thinking:


I want to become a choco-chip donut.




You are yummy.:doughnut:

I already ate you. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks.


i have no idea whether to be angry or laughing like a lunatic :neutral_face::joy:

Thank you!


You should be grateful that the Donut Queen ate you


I can only see Doksan written there :smirk: :thinking:


Great way to make me panic :slight_smile:

Lol jk


Bumping ~ :doughnut::sparkling_heart:


Small donut bump ~ :doughnut::sparkling_heart:


Can I be a donut?

hopefully it’s not like selling my soul to the devil :sweat_smile:


Here you are :doughnut: :

Don’t worry, I’m not the Devil, (I’m worse than that.) I’m the next @24aya


:no_mouth: I’m wondering what I have done now but I got to admit I look better as a donut :joy: thanks


Oh no, one Aya is enough thank you, we don’t want to end up getting eaten :joy::sob:


I’m a donut now :doughnut: