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Is this for helping with the story and plot or is it for coding?


All of them.


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Great! Is there anything I can help you with ?


Actually can I have help for a part of my story? There’s this one episode where the main character is trying to get back home (she’s stuck in Arizona after a failed suicide pact.) A lot of cinematic shit happens later in this episode so it’s not exactly choices galore, but I want to have at least one choice because the app is called episode choose your story for a reason. The choice is that you can choose whenever to go to a nearby freeway or to a nearby gas station- originally the mc was just gonna check out a freeway and end up hitchhiking home. The scene with the hitchhiking is plot important though so I’m trying to find out a way I can get the mc from going to a gas station to hitchhiking. I can just straight up change the other location to something more convient than a gas station, or I can think of a way that she somehow gets hitchhiked at a gas station?? But anyway, what’s your 2 cents?


Oh whoops forgot you’re not supposed to curse. I swear like a sailor so bear with me here haha. Also I kind of rambled in my first comment so if you need extra clarification tell me!


I know this isn’t my thread, but I have an idea, so I thought why not share it. Maybe you could have the MC trek down the side of a road, until she’s sees a gas station and decides to go there. Maybe there is a shop there too, so she waits outside for somebody to come by and maybe she asks for or they offer her a ride? I pulled inspiration from the movie ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’ (my favourite movie), just so you know :blush: hope this helps


I suggest that the mc should waks to the gas station. She waits there for a few minutes and then a person comes to the gas station by his car. Then the mc asks for a ride. What do you think?


@random_life @Doksanwrites both are great suggestions, thank you!


You’re welcome!


No problem :two_hearts:


Hello Doksanwrites!!
I’m very busy with a story at the moment but with my episode 2
the script keeps showing:
and it’s only with 1 YOU the rest doesn’t have a problem.
Maybe it’s because what’s the YOU is doing?
I just can’t figure it out and my third episode is almost ready so i can almost publish it but not with that error :frowning:
Also don’t mind my bad english my first language is actually dutch :sweat_smile:
I really really hope you can help me because I don’t now what is causing the problem and I just can’t figure it out.
Greetings, Dominique


You need an opening bracket after the choice

}“I don’t know, she said she wants him to be happy.”{

  1. You need to open a curly bracket and close it one when your choice ends.

  2. If you want a character to do an animation but not talk you use the command:

@CHARACTER is animation

Hope this helped!


Thank you so much for replying!
But no it didn’t work… I have a curly bracket closing the choice a little lower but you couldn’t see it
on the screenshot. But i tried both and it didn’t work. Guess it just hates me :cry:
But again, thank you for replying!! I really appreciate it you’re helping so much people out!


Also thank you so much for replying!!
But the curly bracked for closing is a little lower, you can’t see it on the screenshot.
It’s just really annoying it doesn’t want to do what I want… But thank you also very much for replying :slight_smile:


@Sydney_H you can close this topic.



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