Domesticated and Miscellaneous Pets

Description: Animals, like our favorite furry friends (Cats and Dogs), are anyone’s best friend! It would be awesome to have long-lasting loveable furry friends!

Background: Animal Shelter, Dog Park, Grooming Stations, Fishbowls, Aquariums or Cages (for miscellaneous pets; snakes, lizards, ferrets, etc)

Clothing: Adorable Dog & Cat Wear, Sweaters, Leashes, Collars, Dresses, Booties (shoes), and Harnesses.

People: Walking your dog, Holding your pet, hugging a pet, Giving a pet a treat, Feeding a pet, petting a pet.
Pets: (Cats; Purring, Licking, hissing, rolling over, scratching, eating) (Dogs; Barking, Licking, Growling, Jumping, Play, Walking on a leash, Rolling over, Tail Wagging(happiness), Tail Tucking(fear), Eating).

Hair: Curly Hair, Straight Hair, Short Hair, Long Hair
Eyes: Blue, Brown, Yellow, Green
Nose: Brown, Black, Spotted
Fur: Plain (White, Brown, Black, etc), Spots (Black Spots, White spots)
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Ears: Floppy, Perky, One up/One down.

I have seen threads based on it, but this is my original thread, and I would love to see animals come to life, especially in stories where characters have the ability to interact with their pets


Yess! Support!

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