Don’t Quote Me on This: Kay B’s featured It’ll Be Our Secret is the new Whoops I’m Pregnant!

If you want to talk about the story more in general, click here:

Anyways, remember Whoops I’m Pregnant, the absurd pregnancy comedy with vampire shows, flying sperm banks and a British Duchess?

Well, it disappeared a while back for reasons unknown … until now (I think). Kay B’s It’LL Be Our Secret, if you don’t know, is about the MC and LI being in crappy marriages so they hooked up one night and fulfilled MC’s dream of having a baby.

This is judging solely based on some posts on the LL Wish List thread, but but it looks like Episode is reusing a lot of pregnancy clothing and backgrounds and other assets for this story. Judging by some of the screens, he’ll I think Episode even reused at least the Gender Reveal and Baby Shower stuff from WIP

IDK what to think about this. If anyone has the same sentiment, please be free to share

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I know the original story is The Pregnancy Game/The Ultimate Affair (episode bought the story a while ago to feature it), but I am talking about its similarities with an old Official story called Whoops I’m Pregnant.

Yeah my bad I realized that after I posted

I noticed that too, that is really weird. I’m all for featured stories not being as rushed anymore, but why this story in particular to make it 12 chapters.

No way, really? The gall …

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The gems choices are getting out of hand, really? A gem choice to see your baby’s face? How disgraceful is that?


I vaguely remember these overlays and backgrounds appearing in Whoops before. If only I remember having screens of the latter, but if anyone remembers be my guest

Even the goddamn Exploding Gender Reveal cake

The episode version makes the husband horrible but the original (the ultimate fair) he’s not as horrible but episode tried to charge my gems to see my baby. Even gem choices to choose my house even though it’s on the 8th episode. They be bamboozling people. They say the gems are for better choices but actually sometimes I don’t even see a change so it’s just really ridiculous.