Don’t remember story name

Hi I am looking for a story episode took it out of my favorites I don’t remember the name and I can’t find it. It’s about a girl (I think named akila) that is running from her past with her best friend and they live together now (akila) works at a coffee shop when a mafia boss walks in and she isn’t scared of him because she doesn’t know who he is. Someone from (Akilas) past send her a letter telling her he coming for her. Her best friend calls the mafia bosses best friend and he puts people outside the girls apartment and then (akila) starts to live with the mafia boss and the rest of the team. The mafia boss name is lion I think and his dad knows (akila Lorenzos) dad and are apparently old friends. Sorry I know my “story telling” sucks and I’m not sure of the main characters names. If anyone knows what story I’m talking about please tell me the name it’s driving me insane.

The story is The Empire by Chantelle, but her stories got removed.

Why did her stories get removed

I think someone reported one of her stories, but I don’t know much about it though.