Don’t you hate it when an episode is dedicated to sex?

I’m not talking about kissing on bed, I’m talking about an ENTIRE episode about two animated characters kissing on loop and some speech bubbles :skull::skull:
Like as an ace, it annoys the fuck out of me. I can deal with a regular scene where it’s only MENTIONED, such as puns (i, myself, laugh at them) or a few kisses and a few speech bubbles but when an entire story revolves around MC and LI trying to have sex, it’s just awful :skull:


yes agree

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There’s no way to do that… Therefore this isn’t the right place…

And do you write episode stories?

Yea. Check out my linktree.

Okay how??? I’m kinda new to this forum thing

Uhh. I’ll dm it to you, lets not go off-topic.

Okay. Thank you so much

Damn, that must be one thirsty author :thinking:

I read a story once where the author used the “idle_wounded” and the “sing_rear” animations to make the characters look like they were ‘in coitus’ :woman_facepalming:t3:
I have never closed the app so quickly, I felt so bloody uncomfortable


I think I know that story :sob::sob:
The story I have in my mind also used idle_wounded :sob::sob:

Its okay for me, but I’ve seen trillions of stories that has an entire episode or at least 7 minutes dedicated to it :skull:


oh god help it made me feel so violated HAHA
in my line of work I have to deal an awful lot with “embarrassing” subjects and elsewise, never have I felt uncomfortable about it, but this was practically soft core porn, and I am not here for that :no_good_woman:t3:


1000 percent
I dont like reading sex scenes to me theres no point. Plus i hate tht boob rub kiss animation. But im not the 1 to ask haha i really dislike those scenes and feel like im the overracting 1 cuz ppl want it. It gets to the point i get skeptical of two characters in one room together. I prefer intimate romantic relationships devoid of s3x but i dont think thts a thing.


That sounds like an awful story :no_mouth:

I am someone who genuinely fast forwarded through all the sex scenes in 50 shades of grey because I find them so awkward and uncomfortable :joy: So I try to avoid sex filled stories, I think a whole episode dedicated to it would make my skin crawl.


Wow, an entire episode dedicated to a sex scene?! :cold_sweat: I have yet to come across that. I’m sorry you had to. Personally, I’m thinking of having a friend write the sex scenes for my story because it’s just not the kind of thing I like to write about most. I always give the option to my readers to skip scenes like that (I like to think they’re in good taste and worth reading because, damn they’re annoying to write sometimes… but that’s ok) then have it be briefly mentioned. And I never animate the sex scenes. That poor “NARRATOR” character must be feeling so awkward sometimes. Or maybe he likes it? -cough cough- Ignore that.

I think it’s possible to enjoy a long sex scene for some people, just maybe not on Episode? Plus, those animations are just really awkward.


Or maybe he likes it. I FUCKING choked​:joy::joy:


Honestly when I installed the app that was meant for 13+ users I never thought I would come across to things like this. And I didn’t want to. I mean it’s okay to imply two characters had sex but why authors have to “show” it (like idle_wounded) and why do they have to narrate like it was the 50 Shades of Whatever. If I want to read something like this, I will find the way elsewhere, thanks. And seriously, these are 2D drawn characters, how on earth is this supposed to be hot?

There really are many stories that revolve around sex. Once I was reading a story I really liked because of the writing style, however it had those scenes I found weird but tried to ignore. Then there was some oral sex mentioned and after that the MC asked her boyfriend what he wanted to eat for breakfast. I was unable to tap to the next line for a minute because I was praying he would not answer he had already had breakfast.
And then: “Oh, I already had breakfast.” (flirt_wink, flirt_fingersnap)

And this was the last chance I gave to that story…


Well this took me some time to process. But what a creative idea! :smile::smile::smile::woman_facepalming:

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Aww, thank you! I get so happy when people actually find my jokes funny :sweat_smile:


As long as it’s consensual and safe, sex is fine by me; it’s just so rarely well written that I can’t bring myself to care when it’s in an Episode story.

Also, doesn’t having sex scenes go against the guidelines, or am I wrong there?