Dona’s Art Request Thread! (COVERS, OVERLAYS, SPLASHES) [CLOSED]


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…I need a overlay of the hand

Ok whew

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Your request is complete! Thank you for requesting from our art thread. :revolving_hearts: Here are your character edits.

Briana_M’s Character Edit

Please let me know if you would like any changes or if there are any issues. :slight_smile:

Request again, :blush:
- Dona :tulip:


Hey could you make an art scene for me??

We can try. :grin: Can you PM us the details, since we don’t have an official art scene request form?

- Lydia :wilted_flower:


sorry for being offtopic @threadowner


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No I just needed a hand overlay for her request if you read you guys will see

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Thank you so much!

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Sorry @Epy.raven then I can’t do your request.

Thank you @EPISODEWRITERSTARTER for bringing this to my attention. :slight_smile:

- Lydia :wilted_flower:

Huh no I did not request in another thread or anything I just needed a overlay for a request that’s all I wanted I already explained her

Yes but if someone has requested from you, you should’ve able to do everything they asked for if you accept it. If you can’t make a hand wave overlay then you probably should’ve declined their request. I understand that the wave overlay is only part of what the person requested, but I get no credit for making the overlays since you are the one using it.

I hope you understand, :frowning:
- Lydia :wilted_flower:

She didn’t request a wave hand overlay she requested a art scene I just needed the hand overlay to draw and also use it in my story and I was gonna credit you

Request is still cancelled. I think you should ben able to make everything a request asks for if you accept it.

Sorry, :frowning:
- Lydia :wilted_flower:

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Bump (:

- Lydia :wilted_flower:

@Epy.raven, you said you need the hand overlay to draw, whihc therefore means you are tracing over artwork, and this is very disrespectful.

You should be sure to acquire every request you do, it is certainly not Dona or Lydia’s job to do this.

Best Wishes,
Alyssa :dizzy:

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I also needed it for my story but ok

Forum Name: Sarafina397
Story Title: Falling for You
Story Genre: Romance / Drama
Story Description (1 sentence is fine): Sara is pregnant with Liam’s baby so her mom, (who was always against them) moves them across the country without contact with Liam. However in her new city she starts to fall for another guy.
Small Cover or Large Cover?: both would be nice
Background: It doesn’t really matter with me, I just don’t know what to use for a cover.
What do you want included in your cover?: Hopefully both boys, and Sara.
Character(s) (An image of them is helpful, but you can write out the details too. Please include outfit(s) if you’re writing out the details):

When do you need this done by?: Maybe, August 20th by the latest?

Thank you btw, for taking the time to do this.