i just need to catch up on the reviews i haven’t done since they are piling up. i will reopen once i’ve caught up. (:

- Dona :tulip:

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Story Genre: THRILLER
Story Description: Rose lived a simple life with her grandfather until she started working for the Peterson’s.Rose was killed by her boss, she resurrected as Kim. Now, Rose is determined to get revenge

Of Episodes: 14(STILL GOING)


Story name: Crossed Paths
Amount of episodes: 3
Description: Mindy’s life is filled with fun and joy but is haunted by heartbreak. What happens when Derek comes crashing into her life trying to change the way she sees things?

This for when you’ve caught up with your reviews :heart:

I would love to get an honest review from you when you’re open again & I think it’s a wonderful idea what you’re doing!

Story Title: Brothers of Sin
Story Genre: Romance
Story Description: The irresistible, billionaire Barrington brothers hire three girls to go undercover in their club, House of Sin. Will they ever be free from the tentacles of this dangerous family?
Author Name: Amephira
# Of Episodes: 3
A xo

Title: Hale Huna
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Desc: Kendall’s dad decides to move her and her brothers to Hawaii. She soon discovers she has the key to a world beyond her imagination…and secrets about who her mother really is…
Author: Anonymous Author
# of episodes: 5 (ongoing)

Thank you so much!

This is great, I’m looking for feedback on my first story.
Story Title: The Take
Story Genre: Adventure / Romance
Story Description: In an homage to classic heist films, a guy and a girl team up for the score of a lifetime. Complications- and sparks- ensue.
Author Name: lizzolam
Number of Episodes: 3 (will be 5 in total)

Thank you!

Moved to Share Feedback since it’s about reviews. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

I would love you to take a look at my story. It is my very first experience with Episode writing so any feedback is great!

Title: Teacher or Queen? (Drama)
Author: Mystique

Extra comment: I have only published the first episode to get first impression feedback. There is no description or cover - I will add everything later when I know if the story is worthy continuing or if I need to make any major changes. I believe that the first chapter is the most important one so I want to make it perfect.

Thank you!

I would love a review if you have the time! Here is my story information:
Title: In the County
Author: Mimi Brix
Genre: Comedy

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Thank you so much for doing this!
Story Title: Shifter
Story Genre: Fantasy
Story Description: How does the story of an unwanted orphan placed in the foster home of an eccentric doctor end up so packed with romance, drama, and the supernatural? YOU decide!
Author Name: Aurrorah
Number of Episodes: 10

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1.Story title- KILL YOUR DREAMS
2.Short description - Anne lives the same day again and in the end she gets killed. Now she tries to find the killer. Story is filled with drama and romance.
3.Genre - Thriller
4.Author name- Anna
5.Chapters - 3

Hi @Dona_H! Can you please give my story a review, too? Hoping you’ll like it. :blush::wink:

Story Title: Puppy Love
Story Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Story Description: Jason caught himself in a CRAZY, complicated situation. Watch out on how he will handle his true feelings for Alli. Will he fall in love with his DOG??
Author Name: Lou
# Of Episodes: 5 ongoing

**Story Title: The Inmates
**Story Genre: Drama
**Story Description: Karlee somehow ends up in prison. What will happen when she meets a group of inmates and makes a plan to escape? Will their plan work or will they never see life outside bars…
**Author Name: Carsyn
**# Of Episodes:2

Hey @saphirespark! I’ve taken the time to read your story, here is my review on The Bond Of Three! :heart:

  • Please be aware these reviews are NOT intended to hurt your feelings, it is simply to critique your writing to help you improve.
  • Of course you don’t have to take any of my criticism & apply them. These are just my personal views that I feel will help your story get better.

Story Title • I like your story title. It’s intriguing, but not too intriguing. If I was scrolling on the app & saw your story, I’d probably click on it. (8/10)
Cover Rating • The small and large covers are okay. I feel like the background is a bit dull since it’s dark purple, & it doesn’t really pop out. In addition to that, the characters don’t seem to really be doing anything on the cover. If I were to see your story, and only see the cover, I’d probably scroll past it. (7/10)
Description • The description is pretty nice! It’s just a bit basic, I feel like you should add more to it. If I read only your description, I’d probably click on your story. (8.5/10)
Directing Rating • The directing in terms of spotting, animations, & speechbubbles is okay. The spotting was okay because you didn’t use spot placement. I feel like if you used spot placement, the story would’ve been a bit better. It looks like you only used Episodes default spots, such as screen center, left, right, etc. When all of the characters were in the cemetery, it looked like they were jam packed into one zone.
I couldn’t see their facial expressions when they were talking, & sometimes I got confused on who was talking. You should try using the speechbubble feature too. It makes your story look more professional since the speechbubbles were covering half of the character’s face.
Lastly, the animations were a bit delayed. For example, when Elena, Luke, & the others were in the cemetery & Grandma Hanna’s ex-husband came, the girls were surprised. Instead of them doing the animations all together, they did it one by one, which looked kind of weird and awkward. Use & symbols for those kind of the things instead of the @ symbols. (7/10)
Grammar Rating • The grammar was fine. I saw nothing wrong with it. Words were spelled correctly & there seemed to be little to no missing punctuation marks. (10/10)
Chapter Length • The chapter length felt a little short. When pre-reading your chapter for publishing, time yourself and see how long it takes you to finish. If you’re in between 8-15 minutes, I’d say the chapter is a good length. (9/10)
Choices • There were a couple choices in the story, but they were minor ones. I don’t really mind that though. (10/10)
Will I Continue Reading • Personally, no. I don’t really like reading fantasy/magic types of genres unless it has to do with vampires or werewolves, & I rarely read those anyway.
Overall; nice plot to your story. There are definitely some things that need to be worked on, but they are some easy fixes. (:

Thanks. appreciate it…

Hey @Dr.Smile07 ! I’ve taken the time to read your story, here is my review on The Pregnancy Curse! :heart:

Please Be Aware…

  • Please be aware these reviews are NOT intended to hurt your feelings, it is simply to critique your writing to help you improve.

  • Of course you don’t have to take any of my criticism & apply them. These are just my personal views that would make me want to continue reading a story. Everyone has different opinons.

  • I will only be reading the first episode of your story. If you want me to read more & give a review, please follow me on the Episode app. My username is Dona H.


Story Title • From first glance, your title looks cliche. But based on what trends on the episode app, I feel like it would be clicked on. If I were to only see the title of your story, I’d click on it myself. So in that case; nice job. (8/10)
Cover Rating • The small cover is okay. There is nothing that is necessarily intriguing about it. The large cover is okay, too. Not really intriguing either, since it’s just someone rear to the “camera” and the words “The Pregnancy Curse.” The covers have nothing to really do with the title. If I were to only see the covers of your story, I’d probably scroll past. (6/10)
Description • I like your description. I like the Newton Law quote, haha. I also love that there is a male MC. (: I would click on your story if I only saw your description. (9/10)
Directing Rating • The directing in terms of spotting, animations, zooms, & speechbubbles were overall excellent. I’ll go into each individually. (;


The spotting was amazing! I noticed you used sizing. I love that the characters were different heights. Small detail, but it enhances the professionalism of your story. The characters were a good distance away from each other, and you did good with placing 4+ characters on screen without it looking crammed. I also love the use of background characters! (10/10)


Use of animations were great, too. When characters would talk, they did not overlap onto each other. The animations went along with what the characters were saying. Nice job! (10/10)


Perfect job with the zooms! You used zooms at perfect moments, and you also used them when necessary. A lot of writers tend to forget this is a feature, and don’t use zooms when characters are far away talking. For example, in the hallway with Talisha and her friends, I like that you had that character walk by and it revealed them in the back. Small detail, but once again enhances the professionalism. Good job once again. (10/10)


Speechbubbles were perfect, too. You utilized the tool, which made the reader experience better since we could actually see the character’s face when they were talking. Not much to say here, but once again, perfecto. (:

Chapter Length • The chapter length was good. Not too short, & not too long either. (: (10/10)
Choices • Great job using choices! I like that there were choices that did, & didn’t matter. And I also like that you’re rewarded a bonus scene if you get enough points. The comedic scene made me laugh. :laughing: (10/10)
Will I Continue Reading • I think I will. The story is pretty funny, and I laughed at the part where the boys were getting roasted and the “Exposed” overlay popped up, lmao. I got the bonus comedic scene & finding out it was the mom made me laugh, too. There is not only comedy in your story, but a bit of mystery since Carmela panicked over not being able to read someone. Nice story! (10/10)
Overall Rating • (9/10) - Great job!

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Hello~b If you could help me out that would be so great!!!
Please please check out my story!
It would mean the world to me cry emoji
Please Please <3 xoxo
Title: Opposite in Harmony
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure
Episodes: 4 right now, still going!
Description: Aimie is the princess of all angels and will she sacrifice everything, including her family to stand up for what is right? Or will she stand by her family’s side and never find true love? Her fate will be decided by YOU! <3

Here’s the link

Thank you for the review! It really encouraged me, and I’ll improve on the areas I need to improve on. Glad you liked my story.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The mermaid’s love

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